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An introduction – what’s the point?


How we communicate has a huge impact on our lives.  Here’s just three quick examples of why literacy is important:
  • Giving a speech at a wedding – overcoming the nerves and giving your best performance
  • Writing a complaint to the Council – keeping your cool and achieving a result
  • Reading a credit card’s small print – cutting through the jargon and avoiding a blunder
Fundamentally, people’s initial judgments are based on our words – what we say or write makes a big impression that might never be changed.
Core Skills is a significant part of the Scottish government’s drive to improve the nation and respond to the needs of modern-day businesses/organisations.  The evidence speaks for itself.  For example, 500 businesses were questioned in 2011 and almost half were found to have paid for remedial English and Maths lessons for school and college leavers.  Similarly, according to the Literacy Commission in 2009 report, roughly one million Scots were unable to read and write properly.
So, there’s clearly a real need in many areas to improve Communication.  I’m aiming to plug this gap with a Udemy course, “Formal Writing Masterclass“.  There’s a special code (FormalWritingPromo29) to bag a bargain on your learning.  Why not take a look and try this out for yourself…?

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