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Clear Communication – a poem



The keys to excellent communication

Include accuracy, clarity and concision.

Whether reading or writing,

Speaking or listening,

Remember you are conversing:

Trying to put your point across,

Separating wheat from dross,

Sending info from one to another

Without inordinate effort or bother.

So, cut-out junk jargon and abbreviations,

Go on no tangents or deviations,

Keep your text clear and interesting,

Stop confusions from festering,

Stick to the rules, like writing three for 3,

Aim to follow the logic of symmetry.


When discussing in groups, always listen –

You don’t want to be the one who’s missing.

Don’t be afraid to speak-up, contribute,

You’ll find each brings a unique attribute,

Together you’re stronger, better intertwined;

Generate more ideas; solutions you’ll faster find.

Be polite and supportive, praise what’s well done.

You’ll find you have so much more fun

Than sat in stony silence or launching bitter invective,

Neither of which will help reach your objective.


When reading remember to summarise,

Including key points, but don’t offer surmise.

Identify the author’s actual point of view,

Are they biased or balanced, what shows you?

Back-up with quotes to include as evidence,

Then a marker clearly sees your defence.

What about purpose – to persuade or entertain,

Maybe inform, or is there a mix to explain?

Who’s the target reader and what’s the format,

Is it top-class journalism or celebrity tit-tat?

Finally, evaluate to make sense of each part,

How do the graphics add to the article’s art?

How does the layout work to help you read

Each point of the paper, so you succeed?

Is the language complex, are any images conveyed?

If yes, quote and unpack what the pictures portrayed.

Overall, what do you think of the ideas expressed?

Do they illuminate the topic or is truth suppressed?

Add your own points, in favour or against,

Always support opinion with reasoned defence.

Check carefully to correct any daft mistakes

For your benefit and your markers’ sakes!


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