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Delving deeper



Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading these posts so far and learned different ways to improve your Communication.  I’m now excited to share that I’ve created a Udemy online course, “A Formal Writing Masterclass“, to explore these themes in greater depth and breadth.  There’s so much to discover about the art of writing excellent reports or essays, which engage and educate your audience.

I’ve just added a new resource, “Top Ten Tips for Formal Writing”, which I believe distils the lessons I’ve learned over the years into a concise, helpful summary.  Overall, there are hours of PowerPoints, quizzes and resources to unpack all the intricacies and details that you will need if you wish to excel at writing for the workplace.  Udemy is a brilliant platform because you can access the course anytime and anywhere, picking-up where you left off and learning at your own pace.

Of course, there is a small cost involved – we all need to eat and provide for our families – but this is most definitely a worthwhile investment.  When you think of how much is spent on a night out or a fake tan, education really does represent exceptional value for money.  You’ll be able to preview for free a selection of introductory modules to better gauge what is on offer and work out if this is the course for you.  Please do take a look…


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