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Why the pen is mightier than the sword



t’s obvious, really. How many times have you been educated, challenged and inspired by what you have read? When, however, has the threat, or actuality, of violence ever truly changed your mind or transformed your world? Through the writings of those with a vision passionately and clearly communicated, empires have crumbled, global institutions been established, lives turned upside down and much more by the writings . The acts of terror we’ve recently witnessed in London, Manchester and elsewhere have utterly failed in their intended purpose, but already wordsmiths and doers of love have resoundingly declared that hate will not win.

Yet those pens can always benefit from being turbocharged with new skills; writers can learn how to craft their texts for maximum effectiveness. That’s what this blog and the related Udemy course, “A Formal Writing Masterclass”, is all about. Words truly do matter and we can all improve in our communication. One part of the course that I’m particularly pleased with a separate “bonus” section on persuasive writing – how to send out messages that will convince others. There’s so much to explore in this subject and I hope you will check out the course.

Pen is mightier than the sword



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